Healing Music - Played Live For You

I bring the music to you!


Music has the amazing ability to heal us across great distances and time. Especially in times of difficulty and stress, music can be the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and our loved ones. In one 30-minute therapeutic session, listeners can experience deep relaxation and a release of tension, as they are carried away on the sounds and rhythms that have been carefully chosen for them.

Receiving the gift of hearing music played live specifically for you is an experience you will not ever forget!



Therapeutic sessions are booked in 30 minute sessions. Each session includes 20 minutes of playing time and 10 minutes for setup, introductions, questions, and wind-down.

Price is $70 per session plus travel (virtual sessions have no travel fees).

Contact Cathy at 504-782-6531 to schedule a session!



I love hearing your stories about how therapeutic music helped you or your family through a difficult time! Healing music is still a relatively new therapy, and many people are not aware of how powerful and easy it is to get started. If you share your story, you can help others experience the magic of Healing Harp!

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